Javakhk 1915-23

Javakhk 1915-23

This site is devoted to the events that took place in Javakhk in 1915-23. During those years Javakhk passed through all the steps of the fate of the Armenian people: tragedy of the Armenian Genocide, self-defense against Turkish occupation, escape, loses and rebirth.

Study of this history is important not only for detailed understanding of the aspects of the Armenian Genocide, but also for correct estimating of the current situations and future perspectives for Javakhk and Armenia.

We hope our site will help you to do that.

Javakhk 1915-23 Project

Site news:

Surb Nshan

12 July 2009 – We launched the “Surb Nshan” Project dedicated to St. Nshan church in Akhaltskha (Zarehnu Surb Nshan, i. e. Holy Sign Church, or St. Vardanants). The project has a web version ( and a PDF version for printed distribution. Help us to spread information about Surb Nshan.

eContent 15 November 2008 – We are happy to announce that our project received a First-class award at the 3'rd all-Armenian e-content competition.
The competition was dedicated to the 500'th anniversary of Armenian book printing. Some 377works were presented to the competition. See

2 November 2008 – New artices added (A. Melkonyan, A Sanosyan)

22 Jul. 2008 - A new video fragment are added in Photo, Audio and Video section. Memories of a member of Javakhk's resistance against Turkish occupation in 1918-20 during the Armenian Genocide. Fragment from the video film “Eternal Homeland” by AR TV Supported by FAR. (in Armenian).

15 Feb. 2008 - Two new video fragments are added in Photo, Audio and Video section.

5 Sep. 2007 - Audio files (radio programs from AypFM, France) added in Photo, Audio and Video section.

1 Sep. 2007 - Detailed Chronology of the events of the Armenian Genocide and WWI, including the events in Javakhk added in Chronology section.

Important material to study:

Arshak Jamalian, The Armenian-Georgian Cause (in Armenian).

Ashot Melkonyan, Problems of history and demography of Armenia.

Northern Gates of Armenia: JAVAKHK, LORI (in Armenian).

"Surb Nshan" project (in Armenian, Russian, English)

Shoulder to shoulder agains enimy, Artyush Sanosyan (in Russian).

Report of Pogos Abelian to People’s Commissar Askanaz Maravian (in Russian).

Javakhk and the Armenian national-liberaton movements, Ashot Melkonyan (in Armenian).

Fragment from the video film “From Araks to Kur” by Arax-Kur Foundation (in Armenian).

Radio program about events in Javakhk in 1917-20 prepared by Aram Garabedian, AypFM (RealMedia file.)

Session of the Armenian-Georgian piece conference with participating representatives of England and France on 13th January, 1919 (in Russian).

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