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Let’s remember, in order not to get forgotten

Being unaware of own past can risk not only the present, but also the future.

The current problems of Javakhk and the powers standing behind them have so many paralleles with situation in our region in 1915, 18 or 1920, that we without wishing that have to turn back to our past to see how well we know it to protect our present and our future.

And despite that in our elder generation there are so many grandfathers and grandmotherss, who have told us so much about the “Gakhth”, we have to confess that we have done too little to write, organize and publish material about self-defense and escape of Javakhk.

One reason of this inaction could be the wish not remember the sad past. Or, probably, the reason was that nobody “from above” encouraged us to do that, and our own political understanding was not broad enough to see importance of our cause? Another possible reason was that in “Soviet country” the secure and peaceful life of Javakhk was not connected with knowledge of history:

In any case, regardless of the reason of our passivity, we have very few collections of historical documents, publications of academic research, other materials and media to deliver information about events of 1915-23 in Javakhk to Armenian, Russian, European or American researchers or general audience.

Javakhk 1915-23 Project

Based on this we decided to start the project Javakhk 1915-23 the aims of which are:
- to collect documents, testimonials of eyewithnesses, archive records, photo and video material, etc. about events of 1915-23 in Javakhk;
- to publish that material both on the Internet and in printed form;
- to organize study and discussions of th ecollected maerial, to archive and distribute it;
- to translate the the collected material to other langiages and make it available for foreign historians, journalists and for all those who are interested in our region.

Your help

Dear visitors, please check the material of this site and share with us your opinion about its subject. If you share our attitude to the struggle and loses of Javakhk in 1915-23, then please help us in our work:
- you can find people who took part in events of 1915-23 in Javakhk, or people who have valuable information on those events;
- please record the testimonials of those personalities, or pass us information about them so that we record their information;
- if you find related information in historical literature, archives or other sources please pass us the copies of the material;
- most of information we have is either only Armenian, or only Russian, or only English. You cold help us in their translation;
- also, we need put in the Internet documents that are in point form only. You could help us to prepare the texts in electronic format;
- finally, if you have to distribute information about events in Javakhk in web sites, press, radio or TV, please help us to make information about Javakhk s widely presented as possible.

We will be happy to publish in our site the names of the individuals or organizations who helped us in our work. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation,

Javakhk 1915-23 Project

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